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Come Here LOSER

Hey you, yah you, loserboy. I am talking to you.

This is the place you have been looking for. We at Loser Abuse understand what a complete failure you are. How stupid you are. What a loser you are. We know that you don't belong with NORMAL or POPULAR people. We know that no one likes you, not even yourself. Mistress Cassie Loser Ignore Line


loser tiny penis

This website, is designed for fuckups like yourself. You can pay to hear us LAUGH at you, Pay to hear us call you names, and Pay to hear us tell you that you are an unwanted, stupid, useless piece of shit.

Oh yes, you are going to love it here. We know you secretly get off when Beautiful Popular Sexy Women laugh at you, crush you, take your money, and worse. We know that you secretly crave the HUMILIATION, Abuse, Mistreatment, that you will get here.

Sign up for a free membership, and get ready to pay for attention like the loser you are. Don't expect anything other than abuse. Customer service? I think NOT. We don't give a shit if you enjoy your stay here or not. In fact, its quite the opposite. We hope you are truly devasted, humiliated and destroyed.

Start paying, loser, $10 each time you log in, pay the LOSER FEE. We are laughing at you, and you can't resist coming back, and clicking this button again, and again. Go ahead, dummy, pay for being so stupid. We are going to laugh each time we see you have paid again!

Hey Loser, if you really think you are in the wrong place, then go to Canadian Kinky Phone Sex Girls for something kinky.

Pay Here $10 Loser Fee The price you pay for being a loser, to be paid often!
Pay Here $10 Tiny Dick Fee If your dick is shorter than 7 inches, pay up, your a loser!
Pay Here $10 Virgin Penalty If you are STILL Virgin, pay up, your a loser!
Pay Here $10 Cuckold Penalty If your wife cheats on you, and you know it, your a loser!!
Pay Here $10 Masturbation Fee If you masturbate every day, your a loser, pay up shit head!
its play time, ha haha, time for Me to laugh !
Click to Serve Mistress Cassie
Step 1. Becoming a Money Slave
Step 2 - Paying again, getting excited
Step 3 - Don't stop paying Mistress Cassie!
Step 4 - Oh it feels so good submitting

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Glory Holes, Red Lipstick and you, sissyslut!

Mistress Cassie

Porn Pig Impotent Eric
Posted by mistresscassie on Tuesday, March 30 @ 16:52:50 PDT (3100 reads)
Loser's Confessions I have so many stupid losers... the world is full of them.

read this:


I need to click and pay to get hard. I miss beeing hard. I am never hard anymore. I am fat and impotent. I belong up front at I so envy the losers who get humiliated at
Porn Pig Eric

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Aussie Piggy is the loser of the day
Posted by mistresscassie on Tuesday, February 16 @ 23:45:54 PST (2794 reads)
Mistress Cassie tiny dicked dylan is the loser of the day....

this little piggy even ordered a custom sized dick cage. something tiny of course. I am sure the tiny little key will look good on My chain. HA ha ha ha ha

this little piggy is excited to eat cum on webcam for Me. ... oh what fun I will have abusing him. ... oh what fun I will have taking all of his money.

this little piggy is going to learn all about Mistress Cassie's abuse program for small dicked losers.
(Read More... | Score: 0)

subloser of the day, fresh piggy meat for the new year.
Posted by mistresscassie on Wednesday, January 06 @ 12:58:09 PST (2147 reads)
Loser's Confessions This is a quote from an IM this morning.

subloser: sorry if i caught you at a bad time, kind of unusual request maybe, but am waiting for my cc payment to be processed, and do not have a lot of available credit... it should be good tomorrow, but in the meantime, i wanted to inquire if you might be willing to process a small tribute (no phone)?

MistressCassie: yes, I will take tribute

subloser: great... loser has to pay

subloser: thank you for taking the fagcash from the loser Mistress

MistressCassie: goodbye loser

now, that is the kind of loser piggy I want every afternoon. I know there are many of you jerk off faggots out there, reading this. It is time to submit your wallets to ME now.
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Porn Pig Eric - forever controlled, forever humiliated
Posted by mistresscassie on Sunday, January 03 @ 22:40:51 PST (2650 reads)
Loser's Confessions I belong up front at I am only able to get stiff when I buy sick fetish porn or pay Mistress Cassie. I overeat and stuff my face with fat food. I have gained 20 lbs the last year. I will gain more this year. I am becomming a fatty. I am so ugly. I need humiliation. Porn Pig Eric
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Loser Party at loser jackies house
Posted by mistresscassie on Tuesday, December 08 @ 21:59:17 PST (2711 reads)
Loser's Confessions Here is a conversation with loser dumbass loser jackie on yahoo messenger... HA HA HA

loserjackie: Hello Cassie
MistressCassie: hello jackidumbass
loserjackie: you are going to be mad at me
MistressCassie: why should i be mad?
MistressCassie: what have you done?
loserjackie: i did not go to the bank again today
MistressCassie: whata is that
loserjackie: or good for someone
loserjackie: Called a LOSERS Party
MistressCassie: oh, that sounds interesting
loserjackie: well it would work you just need a dummy like me
loserjackie: lol
MistressCassie: yep, you are a dummy
loserjackie: Once you have taken all- the money then you and a group of ladies come over for a party
MistressCassie: to laugh at you
loserjackie: i would be made a total joke as all the ladies would help themselves to what ever they wanted they & you would take everything computers and all right down to the broom in the closet and leave me with just my dick cage no clothes or anything
loserjackie: that would put the finishing touch on a loser
MistressCassie: and then we would sign our names in black marker on your dumbass naked body
loserjackie: would that be funny or what
MistressCassie: that will be fun, and you will be left with nothing..
MistressCassie: HA HA HA
loserjackie: ya thats the idea left with nothing at all
loserjackie: too funny How does that sound
MistressCassie: its great. lets do it
loserjackie: will you come
MistressCassie: first i have to take all your money
loserjackie: well thats ture
loserjackie: i think that would be a great for you a ture loser being milked to nothing
MistressCassie: its perfect.. milk you dry
loserjackie: this came to me while sleeping I was going to Call Carol but thought i better tell you
loserjackie: to see what you thought
MistressCassie: yes, great plan. what do you think will happen after the party?
loserjackie: who cares I am a loser
MistressCassie: you better get to the bank this week
loserjackie: just be put out on the street to be laughed at
loserjackie: Ill get there
MistressCassie: good
MistressCassie: you need to be squeezed
loserjackie: rung out lol
MistressCassie: steam rolled

and it goes on from there.
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steven abramson - less than a loser.
Posted by mistresscassie on Friday, December 04 @ 13:38:21 PST (2081 reads)
Mistress Cassie thats the email address of the loser who just charged back his visa transactions to Me. thats the guy who begged me to take his money, screw up his computer, and now has had the nerve to charge back the little bit he paid in he first place. obviously that guy has some serious problems. good riddance.
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Message from loser pig eric
Posted by mistresscassie on Thursday, December 03 @ 14:54:38 PST (1798 reads)
Loser's Confessions Mistress Cassie

I LOVED your site. After starting to write to you I am masturbating twice every day. I masturbate for one hour every time. I am drowning in porn and masturbation and fat. I feel my belly grow. I have not weighted myself lately.

Should I start to put out my tounge every time I masturbate to look more retard?

Porn Pig Eric
(Read More... | Score: 0)

loser michael had his ass fucked tonight
Posted by MistressCassie on Wednesday, December 02 @ 00:28:24 PST (3064 reads)
Punishments for losers loser michael called Me tonight and told Me about his tiny little dick. It's 1 inch soft and with lots and lots of stroking it stretches to 2 and 3/4 inches hard.

that dick is too small to fuck with, so little dicked michelly is going to learn to take cock in her ass. Tonight we stretched that asshole with a sharpie marker. Tomorrow the dummy will buy a proper dildo!

this loser will be a good addition to My long line of fuck toys and pay piggies.

(Read More... | Score: 0)

hello losers
Posted by MistressCassie on Friday, November 20 @ 15:53:38 PST (2045 reads)
Mistress Cassie Well losers, another weekend has started, and some of you are hopeful that someone, anyone will want you. Most of you already know that is NOT going to happen.

you are a bunch of lonely losers, shrimp limp dick losers, stupid mindless fuck ups, and no one wants you.

you might as well face up to the fact that you will be paying ME this weekend, just so you can hear My sweet and sexy voice telling you how worthless you truly are. I will take everything you have, laugh at you, and then remind you how pathetic you are. Ha Ha Ha....

Talk to you soon, of course.

Mistres Cassie
(Read More... | Score: 0)

virginia slave pays to keep name off of website
Posted by mistresscassie on Friday, November 13 @ 20:23:14 PST (1918 reads)
Loser's Confessions I am chatting with a slave tonight who is paying Me to keep his name off of this website. Paying and drinking beer for ME.

He will have to keep paying, so I don't post it.

blackmail is so much fun!

Mistress Cassie
(Read More... | Score: 0)




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Who KNOWs that you are a LOSER

Everyone - its not a secret
My Wife - and she never lets me forget it
The Mistresses and Masters whom i worship and serv
Only me - i am so ashamed, so guilty, so pathetic
Am i a loser?


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